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If you're here, you need some help. If you came via My Everything Page, you know I charge $27 to help you with your security.

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Cybersecurity Made Understandable. This 15-minute security help call is $27. If your Facebook profile was hacked or your group was hijacked, there is very little I can do to help you with that, although I can make some suggestions.

Things We Can Cover In 15 Minutes:

  • Look at your current security practices

  • Determine your next steps

  • Discuss solutions

  • or AMA

This is usually a bonus for my workshop and course students because sometimes it just helps to have someone on your side. I get it. For a student, there's a lot of action we can take in 15 minutes.

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15 Minutes Support Call with The Securista

15 Mins
Total Amount
$ 27

What they're saying...

“You were always audience-driven while being great at mediating/bridging gaps in understanding across multiple groups with a strong sense of fairness/fair play. ”

I don’t think there was anyone in the Symantec Culver office that was more of an outlier — In a tech company full of pretty generically similar engineering types, and those types do not tend to be all that social or open to communication — you listened and you cared about your coworkers. Your job/discipline was way more art than science, your work more human-focused than the others engaged in the cybersecurity cat-and-mouse game.

Chris Covert, CovertAdvisory