When it comes to protecting your internet business, You don't want to be on

the ignorance is bliss only to Find Out The Hard Way Side

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When it comes to protecting your internet business, You don't want to be on

the ignorance is bliss only to Find Out The Hard Way Side

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The Lockdown

Alert GoFetch Attack

Security Alert: GoFetch

March 23, 20242 min read

Well, it’s not just antitrust lawsuits spoiling Apple’s week.

A Mac encryption flaw’s been found by researchers! Here's what you need to know (without a lot of tech jargon)

There's a bit of a hitch with Apple's new M-series chips (M1, M2, and M3) in 2020 and later Macs. Security researchers discovered a weakness in the data memory-dependent prefetcher (DMP) that could potentially expose the secret codes used to scramble your data on your Mac.

Security Alert

Security experts have long known that classical prefetchers open a side channel that malicious processes can probe to obtain secret key material from cryptographic operations.

In response, cryptographic engineers have devised constant-time programming, an approach that ensures that all operations take the same amount of time to complete, but it can slow down processing.

Here's the non-techy breakdown:

  • Macs use special tools to predict what information you might need next, kind of like the suggestions for words when you text.

  • This makes Macs processing faster, but in this case, it backfires. The prediction tool can sometimes mix things up and grab secret info (like your encryption key) instead.

  • Hackers could potentially exploit this mix-up to steal your secret keys. This could mess with things that rely on strong encryption, like secure messaging or online banking.

The not-so-great news:

  • This weakness is built into the actual chip silicon itself, so Apple can't just fix it with a simple software update.

  • There's a new attack called "GoFetch" that can take advantage of this flaw, potentially allowing attackers to steal your encryption keys. 

The almost-good news:

  • Software developers can build in extra security features to protect your data, but this might slow down your Mac, especially on older M1 and M2 models.

What you can do:

  • Don’t panic.

  • Keep an eye out for updates to your Mac software, especially those that involve encryption. These updates might include the new security features mentioned above.

  • Since we're not sure exactly which programs are vulnerable yet, it's best to be cautious and assume they all might be at risk for now.

The bottom line:

There's a new security concern with Apple M-series chips, but Apple, security, and other software developers are working on ways to protect your data. Stay updated with your software and be cautious until a more permanent fix is available.

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Ange "Gos" Payton

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Securista Cybersquad workshops+ CyberSafe Popup Facebook Group

I've got a three series workshop in the works. AND they're totally free. We'll start with the first layer of defense... securing your home. Then we'll tackle how to shield your phone... out in the wild. Finally, learn the favorite techniques and products security experts use to shut down access to those all important social apps.


CyberSecure squad security Coaching and community

I created the CyberSecure Squad Facebook group to bring cutting edge business women up-to-date security info and how to protect against malicious attacks. It's private group of seriously kickass smart entrepreneurs, ready to protect what's theirs. We'll cover AI, Web3, and even blockchain technologies in easy to understand every day language.


Consulting: security strategy and training

We call the vulnerable point of attack an endpoint. We'll start with a security audit and create a strategy of recommended products and services you can tailor to your business needs. Then we'll start building a security culture in your company with bite-sized gamified training on the latest attack trends and how to stop them saves time and money.

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My corporate copywriting clients, top competitors of my former company, wanted less technobabble in their marketing info, anchoring and keeping me deep in cybersecurity for years.

So what is a Securista? Like a barista, I help you craft your strongest security against hackers.

Why pivot to cybersecurity, now? I watched a "cybersecurity expert" with zero threat experience provide outdated information... so outdated, I knew I needed to help entrepreneurs, like yesterday because I have a wealth of knowledge and How-To's people need.

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